Research Ethics Committee

KOINOBORI Associate Inc. plans, proposes, and implements medical research and advances collaborative research for the establishment of treatment methods for mitochondrial diseases; consequently, the Company has established the Research Ethics Committee to ensure the ethical validity of all research. Sufficient assessments are made on whether the supporting research, particularly medical research on human-derived data and samples, infringes the human rights of the subjects or involves serious adverse drug reactions. Also, clinical research involving an analysis of the human genome and genes should be given utmost care for the possibility that the results of the analysis may reveal a large volume of genetic information on the provider of the sample as well as relatives. Through these activities, we will ensure that only the research that has been determined as appropriate in this committee are carried out.

[Flow to project implementation]

[Documents involved in assessment]

Research assessment request forms will be prepared along with the following documents, and these will be assessed by the Research Committee.

  • Research protocol
  • Report on the Conflict of Interest
  • Documents on permission for the research at the joint research institution, results of other research ethics committees, and the status of progress of the applicable research

[Key points in assessment]

For the research, an assessment will be made from the ethical and scientific perspectives with the following points considered:

  • Respect for the dignity and human rights of individuals who are the subjects of the research
  • Method and scope of obtaining understanding and consent from the individuals
  • Benefits, disadvantages, and risks that will occur to the individual from the research, as well as medical contribution

[Members of Research Ethics Committee]

We appoint members who are experts in medicine and medical care, as well as experts in other areas of humanity, and fair and neutral assessments will be conducted from a wide range of perspectives.


 Occupation, qualifications, and affiliation

 Member  category*

 Head of  committee



 Professor, Graduate School of Environment and Information Science, Yokohama National University

 I, IV

 Committee  member



 Professor, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine, Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine

 I, IV

 Committee  member



 Junior Associate Professor, Faculty of Science and Technology, Liberal Arts, Tokyo University of Science 


 Committee  member



 Patients association of LHON


 Committee  member



 ORIX Corporation


 Committee  member




 Committee  member



 Auditor, KOINOBORI Associate Inc. 


  • Member category is divided as shown below and displayed in numbers:

I. Experts in medicine and medical care, specialist in natural sciences
II. Experts in ethics and law, specialist in humanity and social sciences
III. Persons who can express opinions on behalf of the public, including the perspective of the research subjects
IV. Persons who are not affiliated with the institution to which the founder of the Research Ethics Committee is affiliated.